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Services Overview

Kignite offers a variety of design services covering almost every need of modern
businesses. The three pillars of our main services are:

Graphic Design Service
Graphic Design

Looking to advertise your business further?
Kignite can provide you with stylization and presentation of existing text and pre-existing imagery or creation of new graphics. Convert your key messages into giveaways, print material, online graphics or develop a visual brand identity.

We provide a full range of graphic design services adapted to different marketing materials such as:

• Pull–Up Banners • Infographics • Business Cards • Leaflets • Flyers • Posters • Power Point Presentations • Book Covers • Packaging Design • Clothing

"A picture speaks a thousand words" - let a professional graphic designer translate all your words into the perfect graphic.

Web Design Service
Web Design

Beautiful website but not getting the desired results?
The choice of colours, buttons, navigations, links, banners and other elements will determine the user's behaviour and the success of turning them into your customer.

Design and marketing strategy should go hand-in-hand: they make the best synergy to attract the right target audience for your product. We combine solid online marketing experience with beautiful web design in all of our projects. That's the Kignite promise.

Our web design services include but aren't limited to:

• Website Design • Newsletter Design • HTML5 Banner Design • Email Design • Responsive Email Design • Banner Design • Online Design

Marketing Consultancy Service
Marketing Consultancy

Looking for expert marketing advice?
Has your business hit a wall or are you struggling to find a clear and profitable way forward?

Ten years of comprehensive marketing experience will allow us to provide tailor made, innovative marketing strategies along with effective ways on how to implement these immediately.

Our corporate expertise covers the areas of:

• Business Development • Paid/Unpaid Marketing • SEM • SEO • Affiliate Marketing • Display Marketing • Facebook Advertising • CRM • Brand Management • Brand Guidelines • Brand Positioning • PR • Social Media • Email Marketing • Copywriting

Our Clients

Why Choose Us

Our team is made up of a network of professionals with unique expertise in their fields, acquired through diverse roles in multi–national corporates and successful start–up enterprises.

We operate like an agency, without physically being an agency. This allows us to provide you with the best service, as you know it from other creative agencies, at lower freelancer rates.

We also provide detailed quotes on a project–by–project basis once we have the full overview on the requirements. This will help our customers with better budget planning and gives us the most competitive price advantage in comparison to agencies.

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